certificate administration seal

These certificates are defined as electronic signature certificates with the legal consideration of recognized certificates. They are issued in software and are valid for 3 years.

The electronic stamp certificate issued by Izenpe for Automated Administration permits identification and authentication of the  exercise of competence of the public administration, agency or public-law entity, as determined in Law 11/2007, dated 22 June, on citizen access to public services.


.- Legal documentation for all Izenpe certificates »

.- Specific documentation for Izenpe certificates »

Application form for: Administration Seal » (PDF, 141 KB)

*These forms include guidance notes on how to fill in the forms.

* The issue process for both certificates requires rigourous verification of the documentation submitted.  For this reason, Izenpe has established a 30-day period for issuance of these certificates from the time the request has been received. Please bear in mind this time period when applying for your certificate.


  • Certificado Aenor 27001
  • Recognition of equality Emakunde
  • Bikain, Euskararen Kalitate Ziurtagiria
  • lsti